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Pure Sound from Portland, Oregon

Despite his humble beginnings building speakers out of his garage in San Francisco, Barefoot Sound’s Founder and CTO Thomas Barefoot has produced some of the most innovative and well-respected monitor designs in the industry. Now located in Portland Oregon, the growing team at Barefoot put an emphasis on quality and craftsmanship to create a no-compromise solution for the best mixing experience possible. Made in the USA and meticulously tested before leaving the factory, Barefoot Sound promises a premium monitoring experience for any size room.

With exceptional clarity, a full and focused low end, astonishing dynamic range, and an honest reproduction that translates to any system, it’s easy to see why Barefoot Sound has been adopted so readily by the best in the biz. Their monitors have been a go-to choice for many of our top clients worldwide, and Westlake Pro is proud to be one of the few authorized dealers of Barefoot Sound in the USA!


Since their debut in 2006, Barefoot Sound has been a go-to choice for the most discerning talents in music. Used by GRAMMY-winning producers and mixers including Chris Lord-Alge (Green Day, My Chemical Romance), Butch Vig (Nirvana, Garbage), Michael Brauer (Bob Dylan, Coldplay), Jack Joseph Puig (Fiona Apple, Weezer), and Spike Stent (U2, Frank Ocean), Barefoot monitors have become a go-to choice for the top producers and mixers around the world. 

Of course, that doesn’t mean that Barefoot Sound is only for engineers! Musicians across every genre have become avid Barefoot supporters, with notable users like Steven Tyler, Sean “P Diddy” Combs, Zac Brown, Skrillex, Travis Barker, Randy Jackson and more!

Perfect Sound for Any Size Room

Masterful Technology

High-frequency content is where much of the polish, harshness, detail, and air can live in your mix. Because of this, it’s crucial that your monitors can reproduce it properly across the entire mix position. Unfortunately, traditional tweeter designs often suffer from off-axis phase cancellation, which focuses the high frequencies into a narrow beam, resulting in a small sweet spot. This means that the listener will be missing out on the full range of these essential frequencies if they move outside of the mix position.

Barefoot Sound’s Dual Ring Radiator Tweeter solves this issue with a unique design that offers a wide sweet spot up to 40kHz – well beyond the range of human hearing! In addition to this, careful attention was given to ensure exceptional dynamic range and virtually no distortion.

A speaker produces sound by moving the speaker cone back and forth. As you could expect, this movement causes vibrations throughout the speaker cabinet and the surface the speaker is on. These vibrations are a key source of distortion and unwanted coloration in most speakers. 

Unlike most speakers, Barefoot’s have no problem with this, thanks to their innovative Dual-Force Technology. The low-frequency drivers are mounted at opposite ends of the cabinet with their motors locked together. This makes the forces exerted by the drivers cancel each other out before the vibrations ever hit the cabinet. 

Barefoot Sound’s unique Multi-Emphasis Monitor Emulation, or MEME technology uses high-quality DSP modeling to replicate the traditional voicing of a variety of classic studio nearfield monitors. This allow you to check how your mix will sound through the Old School NS10Ms, a home Hi-Fi system, or the small Cube speakers of yesteryear like Auratones. Simply switch back to Flat to hear the Barefoot’s in their natural state. 

Preview your mix through a variety of systems from the exact same mix position, and without having to deal with extra cables and speaker clutter. The simple four-position wired remote allows makes it easier than ever to ensure your mix will translate on every system!

Experience the Barefoot sound yourself!

Experience the Barefoot Sound in person at our Los Angeles location! We have just installed a pair of Barefoot Sound MM26 monitors in our new Exclusive AMS Neve Showroom along with the MasterStack12 in our Immersive Audio Showroom! Use the button below to book a private demo!

What westlake pro says about Barefoot sound

Thomas Barefoot revolutionized the Pro Audio monitor world when he created the MicroMain27 back in 2006.

It was the first time a speaker design incorporated Dual Force Active Subwoofers into the same cabinet that contained the mid and high-frequency drivers with NO distortion. It's the only speaker that size I can dial up 20Hz on an oscillator and hear it!

This translates to the listener hearing the highest bandwidth monitoring experience with an ultra-fast transient response.

Now they have a wide product range to fit many budgets and room dimensions, from the Footprint01 at $3,745 per pair all the way to the MiniMain MasterStack12 for $54,745 (talk about bass extension!)


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