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Classic Sound, Modern Workflow

When it comes to recorded audio, few names are as ubiquitous as AMS Neve. Their recording consoles have been used on countless hit records, while the 1073 series preamp is a go-to choice for radio-ready vocals.

In addition to maintaining their legacy with the reissue of the BCM10 sidecar console along with a range of rack mount and 500-series modules, they’ve also continued to push forward with modern designs suited for any recording situation.

From the Genesys Black, which brings the rich sound of AMS Neve to a DAW workflow, to the 8051 Surround Sound Compressor, the company has brought their classic sound to a modern workflow.

Our AMS Neve Showroom features a huge range of AMS Neve’s top products. Hear them today in a private demo session!

The EXCLUSIVE AMS Neve showroom
Only at westlake pro

We worked closely with the team at AMS Neve to develop our Exclusive AMS Neve Showroom. A one-of-a-kind experience, the room is outfitted with a full array of top pieces from AMS Neve including two consoles and a custom-designed desk and rack filled with a wide range of AMS Neve’s top products.

What’s more, each piece of gear is connected via a DANTE network, allowing you to connect with it in each of our demo studios without a huge mess of cables.

Bring in a session to hear your tracks through the full array of AMS Neve gear and experience the workflow of the Genesys Black through one of our demo sessions. 

When investing in your studio, it’s important to know that the tools you get provide all the sound and functionality you need. That’s why our sales team has been expertly trained by AMS Neve to ensure you get the most out of any of all their gear. 

Whether you’re integrating a new console or looking for the perfect mic pre, Westlake Pro is the perfect place to explore all things AMS Neve.



The Classic BCM10/2 Analog Sidecar Returns

The legendary sound of Neve Class A topology complete with the 1073N preamp and EQ. Use it as a studio sidecar to breath life into your recordings. Make it your studio centerpiece with up to 32-channels of genuine Neve sound. Whichever way you go, the AMS Neve BCM10/2 will provide the legendary sounds heard worldwide since 1970!

Of course, vintage sound doesn’t need to mean vintage setbacks. The new BCM10/2 adds a wealth of functionality for the modern studio without ever getting in the way of the classic Neve workflow. New additions include direct outputs on every channel via 25-pin D-Sub connectors, four mono Auxillary sends, and a pair of patchable 2264ALB compressors. On top of this, the designers at AMS Neve have included dedicated reverb returns, flexible solo modes, a handy talkback system, and more.


Classic Sound, Modern Workflow

Including legendary microphone preamplifiers and highly revered analogue circuit design, the extensive digital control and connectivity puts Genesys Black at the creative heart of your studio.

The GenesysControl plug-in allows you to recall and automate faders, channel strip settings, and more. This makes it an ideal heart for the modern studio that demands world-class sound with advanced digital control.

The Legendary Sound – Right In Your Rack

The 1073DPX has two channels of Neve 1073 Class A design microphone preamplifiers, each with 3-band EQ (fixed HF plus two switchable bands with cut/boost capability) and high pass filter, adding warmth and depth to recordings, bringing out subtle ambience, maintaining spatial positioning, and capturing a more precise image – embodying, think many engineers and producers, the essence of the genuine Neve sound.

Building on the 1073 classic module features, the 1073DPX introduces extra functionality with integrated DI input, phantom power, selectable Insert feature, level meters, selectable headphone monitoring and I/O connectors on each channel for easy and direct connection of microphones and instruments. The 19” rack-mount 2U unit includes an external multi-voltage PSU.

AMS Neve – Now In Surround Sound

Based on six 2254 compression circuits – using the same feedback topology as the legendary 33609 stereo compressor – the 8051 delivers the famous Neve sound in spades. Flexible side chain routing, trimming and filtering make this a powerful and responsive tool for surround mixing and mastering.

Made by hand, the 8051 is an analogue compressor with six transformer balanced audio paths, complemented by two side chains and a key input.

88RS EQ | Hand-Built For Your Rack

Designed to deliver the inimitable sound of the flagship Neve 88RS console, the 8803 Dual Equalizer’s circuitry is based on the classic Neve 8108 topology.

Frequency selection is variable on all bands within the ranges 33Hz-440Hz, 120Hz-2kHz, 0.8kHz-9kHz and 1.5kHz-18kHz. For modern producers and engineers looking to shape and develop sounds with unrivaled sonic purity and musicality, the 8803 Dual Channel Equalizer is the preeminent choice.



Complete 88R Channel in 1RU

The 8801 Channel Strip is like having a complete channel from the legendary Neve 88R console – widely considered among the best-sounding analogue music consoles ever developed.

Completely hand-built and hand-wired by Neve, this ground breaking Channel Strip delivers a front-end with all the quality and versatility that has become synonymous with the Neve name.

The 8801 Channel Strip is like having a complete channel from the legendary Neve 88R console – widely considered among the best-sounding analogue music consoles ever developed.


Four Classic Preamps, One Remote Control Unit

The 4081 Quad Mic Preamp builds on the incredible success of the 1081 and 1081R modules and provides both powerful control and legendary Neve sound.

Every function of the 4081 can be controlled directly from the front panel or by remote control using a Mac or PC with Neve Remote Control software. This provides a simple and elegant solution for users of ProTools, Nuendo, Cubase and similar DAW systems. 

What’s more, multiple 4081 units can be linked together to create up to 64 independent channels of Mic Preamps or Line Level inputs – all controlled from a single computer.


Versatile Compression, Gorgeous Sound

The hallmark 33609 compression sound is very smooth, and extreme settings may be used with the compression or limiting remaining relatively transparent. 

After several versions of this classic Neve compressor over the years, today’s 33609 provides the best of both worlds: original Neve 33609 sound, with enhanced internal and external I/O switching compared to the original model. 

The 33609 also utilizes a discrete output stage like the original model, for a slightly warmer sound that is preferred by many professionals over previous iterations. Multiple units can be easily linked for multi-channel operation.


AMS Neve Meets 500 Series

The 500 Series format has revolutionized the pro audio world, providing a modular approach to building your own portable channel strip. 

Now you can add the Neve Sound to your portable 500-series rig with a variety of Preamps, EQ’s, and Compression.


Big Console Sound, Small Rack Format

With the 8816 Summing Mixer, the legendary sound of Neve now becomes available to computer-based producers.

Hand-built and hand-wired at the Neve factory in Burnley, England, the 8816 allows engineers and producers to mix their music on a true, albeit diminutive, Neve summing mixer. The unit provides 16 input channels with +15dB gain, level, pan, cut/solo and cue controls. Additionally, a post-insert mix function can be used for mixing in a separate stem, or blending the mix with a special effect.


Classic Sound, Modern Workflow

For more than 50 years AMS Neve has represented the pinnacle of professional audio design and engineering. In 1961, British electronics designer Rupert Neve formed the company that still bears his name. From the very beginning, Neve Electronics specialized in the finest professional audio consoles and systems, utilizing Class A designs and high-quality components to produce equipment unmatched in performance in the industry at the time.

Here at Westlake Pro, we’re excited to be the premiere source of all things AMS Neve. Experience our Exclusive AMS Neve Showroom in Los Angeles today!

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