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of 2021

2021 put everyone through their paces, but the audio industry has grown to adapt and overcome any challenges that might come between the audio community and the high quality sounds we crave. These obstacles brought new solutions that would change the way audio works for now and for the future. 

As we move into the New Year, let’s take a look back at some of the highlights from 2021.

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Pro Tools | Sync X

Avid’s Pro Tools | Sync X is a critical component for dubbing, ADR, Foley, and other precision workflows and a must-have in every room of your facility that requires audio sync to picture.

HDX Hybrid Engine

Earlier in the year, Avid brought the Hybrid Engine, originally released with Pro Tools | Carbon, to all HDX Systems. With the Hybrid Engine, HDX users supercharged their rigs, immediately maximizing the performance of their current systems.

Pro Tools

Avid didn’t stop at Hybrid Engine, Pro Tools received several updates in 2021 significantly improving users workflow and control over their whole system.


Solid State Logic’s BiG SiX expands on the highly acclaimed SiX, incorporating the feedback from artists, engineers, and producers to create the next step in hybrid production.

UC1 Plug-In Controller

Solid State Logic unleashed the UC1 Plug-In Controller, giving users a hardware controller for their SSL Native Channel Strip 2 and Bus Compressor 2 plug-ins directly on their desktop.

UF8 DAW Controller

Solid State Logic continued to build on its controller line with the UF8 Advanced DAW Controller, an 8-channel expandable controller that brings the workflow of an SSL console to users’ desks. 

Galaxy 32 Synergy Core

Antelope Audio was busy this year, releasing several products expanding on their Synergy Core line. The Galaxy 32 Synergy Core interface brings 32 channels of analog I/O, industry-standard HDX, Thunderbolt, and Dante digital connectivity, and Synergy Core processing to a 1U rack-mountable chassis. 

Zen Q Synergy Core

For the producer on the go, Antelope’s Zen Q Synergy Core boasts an expandable I/O and discrete ultra-linear preamps that is completely bus-powered. 

Zen Go Synergy Core

For the musician on the go, Antelope’s Zen Go Synergy Core interface packs a powerful punch in a small and portable desktop interface. Plus, it comes with 37 synergy core effects giving you everything you need to record professional audio.


Universal Audio started 2021 with three stompboxes perfect for a guitar pedalboard or to be used as an insert effect in your studio! Between the Golden Reverbartor, Astra Modulation Machine, and the Starlight Echo Station, your sure to have legendary sounds at your fingertips – and better yet, your feet!

VOLT Bus-Powered Interfaces

Universal Audio released a new line of buss powered interfaces for the musician who needs to record anywhere. For more versatility, they implemented a 76 compressor in the Volt 176, Volt 276 and Volt 476.

API Vision Console for LUNA

But legendary emulation doesn’t stop there, UA also brought API’s Vision Console to their LUNA Recording Software, giving users API’s iconic preamp and channel modules to craft hits instantly.

API Select

In August, API released an all-new line of pro audio gear called API Select – 6 new designs that are unique to API’s classic products while still complimenting other API gear. Still packed with API’s high-fidelity sound but with modern characteristics to add color to your tracks. 


Warm Audio brought back a 90s classic with their recreation of Sony’s C-800G, the WA-8000 Large Diaphragm Tube Condenser Microphone. Built with rigorous attention to detail, the WA-8000 boasts a natural, open top end, supremely clear midrange, and the ability to render detail in a vocal performance exceptionally, especially in this price range.

Duet 3 & Dock

Apogee released the latest iteration of their Duet interface, Duet 3 – as well as Duet Dock, positioning Duet at the ideal angle for quick adjustments and meter and function visibility.

5057 Orbit Summing Mixer

Earlier in the year, Rupert Neve Designs released the 5057 Orbit Summing Mixer, adding extraordinary richness, harmonic clarity, and depth to the 5060 Centerpiece and 5059 Satellite. 

MA-37 Large Diaphragm Tube Condenser Microphone

Mojave Audio also brought back a Sony classic this year with their MA-37 Large Diaphragm Tube Condensor Microphone, modeled after the legendary Sony C-37a.

RX 9

iZotope released RX 9 this year, the most powerful version of their audio restoration software. Easily eliminate pesky audio hum and bring your vocals to the forefront with just a click of a button.


Sonnox introduced Claro this year, a comprehensive EQ Plug-In that serves the production process from composition to final mix, with three distinct views, progressively adding deeper insight and precision to prevent mud, clutter, or harshness, helping you blend your tracks into a clear and balanced mix.


Space Controller

Sound Particles begged the question – what if you could control your immersive audio using your mobile? They brought this mobile app/plug-in combo alive with Space Controller, allowing users to control panning and more from the palm of their hand.

Royal Mu & Royal Q

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McDSP unleashed two royally powerful plugins to be added to their APB arsenal – the Royal Mu Compressor & Limiter and Royal Q Equalizer. We were lucky enough to hear them in action LIVE with our Livstream featuring Greg Wells. 

Without a doubt – pandemic or not – Pro Audio has continued to stay on the cusp of the next revolutionary tools to better the workflow for users everywhere. Whether your workflow is analog, digital, or a marriage between the two – there will be a workflow with specialized tools that fit your needs. With such powerful options now, it can only excite as to what 2022 will bring.

Take A Look Back At 2021

While 2021 was filled with incredible new products and workflows from manufacturers, we were busy putting out fascinating content featuring some heavy hitters in the pro audio community. We’ve collected some of our favorites for you to easily view below!

2021 brought a lot of exciting new content to us throughout the year. Studio features, profiles, brand spotlights and more proved that the world was busy creating and truly expressing themselves amidst the hardships we all encountered.  

While we met in person only a few times in 2021, we made up for it by having several livestreams talking about the one thing we all love: gear. Plus, we had a lot of very special guests show us some of their trade secrets!

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